I don’t know about you but to me there’s something very special and relaxing about watching jellyfish or jellies and sea jellies as many people call them swim in the water. Maybe it’s because they themselves seem so relaxed as they gracefully move about in the water. But until very recently about the only place you could witness their relaxing dance without getting in the water yourself was at a public aquarium.

The main focus of this website is on how to enjoy these incredible creatures in your own home, at work or in your place of business. We will explore what is required to keep them alive and healthy in captivity including what to look for in a jellyfish aquarium, the temperature and condition of the water in the jellyfish tank, how and what to feed your sea jellies and where to get it, what species do best in captivity and we’ll even explore how to raise jellyfish yourself.

If you love jellyfish and want to learn more about them or maybe you’re considering getting your own jellyfish tank then you’re in the right place. Keeping jellyfish in a home aquarium is challenging but it can also be very rewarding so let’s get started.